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How it all began...


It was a thought that came to mind to which I acted on sitting at home one evening, I encouraged the thought to cook a nice savory dish, invite some friends, listen to some music, sit back and have a good laugh "Just Because." 


It worked! Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the ambiance which carried through months later. Soon a group of nine women participated under the name, "Just Because." Women with powerful spirits who choose to be respected and respectful. We are a group of encouraging and supporting women. We meet once a month and the atmosphere is always breathtaking as we embrace each other remembering God's love and His goodness toward us. It wasn't long after that my good friend, Patricia Smith (who used to live in the UK), welcomed the idea, and invited her friend and another and before long we had over twelve group members. 

We are based in Los Angeles, CA, however, we are supported by our national and international connections.

Winsome Edwards

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