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What in the world?

The Continual Fight Against Racism

Do you want to make a difference?

If you have not already, register to vote in the November 2020 elections.

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The fight continues!

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The United States of America is, the 'Land of the Free!'

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The Pledge of Allegiance is a promise of oath to keep our country strong.  It affirms values and freedom of this country.  This pledge has been repeated this way for a number of years with the addition of "one nation under God".

The forefathers understood the necessity of governing a nation with Divine help and exhibited such that even the very currency has "In God we trust".

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Minority groups face unjust treatment in this society. This type of conduct has long been in existence. It can be identified as a deep-seated hate of a particular race that carried on from one generation to the next due to no fault of their own. The unfairness, the disgust, the odium are still woven into the fabric of our institution even today.

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Racism is like a pandemic that the oppressors used to crush the minority group. As a minority group, termed a People of Color, cannot be "snuffed out" of this world. We are divinely blessed with hearts to worship the Creator. We are a blessed people with physical strength, and the ability to work hard and showcase our achievements in our quality of work. Given the opportunities we will make better men and women of ourselves. Education plays a major role for more doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, and high paying jobs, "given the opportunities". 

So, whilst, "In God we trust," we have a duty to take action, whether getting together with community groups or simply by voting, but most of all, be encouraged to pray into the situation. We already know that God hears us and that prayer can change things, so put this before the Lord in your daily prayers and pray without ceasing and...

Register to vote 2020!

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