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School Psychology on School Bullying

School bullying is a very common experience for students in the school systems, and it can have a negative effect on student’s academic achievement and future endeavors. It has caused an increase in suicide amongst victims, along with depression and many other factors. Bullying derives from aggressive behavior towards a person; in a form of physical contact or verbal abuse causing  children frequent injury or discomfort.


According to the Bullying Prevention and Intervention: Information for Educators (2010), the Act defines bullying in four elements which includes an “imbalance of power, action being repeated over time, action being intentional, and unequal display of emotion”. (Lazarus, Pfohl. 2010). It is vital that parents and school personnel’s collectively come together to continuously find solutions to help prevent the increase of bullying in the school settings.

Seeing as School Psychologist are very well acquainted with the school setting and provide direct services to students, it is mainly up to their discretion how they collaborate with other school personnel on finding ways to decrease bullying in the schools. In preventing bullying, it is important to build relationships and establish policies involving acceptable behaviors.

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