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 Identifying Two of Our Talented Ladies

Welcome Everyone!

Book Writers!

Please purchase your copies of these two books authored by Patricia Smith and Kerin Williams 

They are currently  on Amazon!

The Beauty Law: It's a Yumi day

 Its a Yumi Day centers on an island in
the Pacific Ocean where, for generations, a law forces parents with beautiful children to relinquish their children to the king and queen on their fifth birthday.


The story focuses on Ana, a girl whose parents devise a code word system for her to use when she is taken from them. They hope that with Ana using the code word, it will allow them to recognize her on her twenty-first birthday.

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Patricia Smith


by KERIN WILLIAMS (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

The central theme of this story is following Jesus. It is about a teenager named James, who at first hid his Christianity at school because of fear and humiliation. The story reveals his failures, weaknesses, trials, achievements, his prayers, and victories.


It gives us a glimpse of some of the issues young Christians face daily at school. Following Jesus is an applicable and practical book for teenagers and young adults, that can be used in Sunday school classes or for personal use, as it fosters youths to have a close relationship with God. At the end of each chapter, you will find application questions, activities and memory verses related to the chapter read aimed at strengthening your faith in God.


Kerin Williams

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