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It is the skill to appreciate something without the need of an explanation and you have proven it to be true.

It is a great advantage to be able to listen and to comprehend what is been taught about your diet as the major aspect of staying healthy. 

When you can take heed to your 'intuitive eating' you can avoid the danger of getting sick, that can help to maintain your hours of sleep that is needed for you to perform effectively. You can use your intuitive to help guide your eating habits.

How Intuitive Eating Works in this Season of Celebrations

So, you eat when we are hungry, if you are not hungry then you don’t eat! In this case there are no guidelines to follow! But if you are following intuitive habit, you would notice your longings and then you will know where they came from and what your body really need.  

Let’s say for instance you get a sudden crave for a slice of pumpkin pie, you know that eating that pie will give you an upbeat boost which may be your body’s way of telling you that it needs a rapid mood increase. Therefore, instead of cutting a slice of the pumpkin pie that is full of sugar which may later cause you to feel droopy, lacking in energy, you may need something a little different to boost your energy, like reaching for an apple that allows the sugar to take a longer time to break down in your body. That’s what intuitive eating does.


You are in control of your diet! You are now able to determine and discover your true senses.  So, instead of simply acting on your initial instinct to eat the slice of pumpkin pie and ice cream, intuitive eating practices encourage you to dig deeper into your thoughts to discover the exact reasoning behind your desires.

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With intuitive eating habits, you can rest assured of you enjoying your festive meal and choosing the right time to eat in order to develop habits and know the difference between physical hunger and emotional eating.  

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