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A Strong Woman


What makes a woman strong? As I paused to answer this question my mind reflected on Abraham's wife, Sarah, who exhausted her patience of waiting on the Lord, took matters in her own hands told her husband, Abraham that since God had restrained her from having children, and that she was old, he should go in unto her maid, Hagar and by her, Sarah would have a child. (Genesis 16:2-6) The result of this changed the course of history for all times. From then, there is continual war between Muslims the children of Ishmael, and Christians the children of Isaac. These two nations cannot come to an agreement. In contrast to this, we read about Anna in desperate need of a child prayed to God and waited until God answered her prayers - 1 Samuel 1:9-17. Two women whose situations were highlighted because of desperation but approached their situations differently and both in my estimation are strong women.


A strong woman respects herself and pledges to act humbly for the benefits of others with no gain for herself so that her Christian values can be exemplified that she is 'saved.'  I agree with the unknown writer who wrote that a strong woman is one who loves beyond all faults, cries behind closed doors, and fights battles that no one knows about. A woman is God's prized possession; she was made not from the clay but from one of Adam's ribs. The Almighty with His great power performed a miracle and she became the mother of all nations.  She is made with strong arms for service, curves that attract and love that shapes her in her role as mother and wife. (Genesis 2:26-27) The wisest man Solomon speaks of the strong woman like this "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her so that he shall have no need of spoil" (Proverbs 31:10-11) the strong woman knows who she is and that she must fulfill her role as mother and wife.


God prized possession indeed! He holds her in high regard, Beautiful and wonderfully made - yes! God made woman, for it is only through the woman can the Almighty reach humanity! For a woman is the 'carrier,'   The characteristics that God places in a woman are overwhelmingly benefit in that she is to be a 'help meet' to the man. The list is long of all the uniqueness, e.g. the love, comfort, tears of joy, bowels of compassion, the embrace.  In addition, a strong woman can easily understand what another woman can go through and offer support and comfort that a man cannot. A prime example is when she experienced a miscarriage of an unborn child.


In closing, let me remind all women that your price is more than rubies! You are lovingly created, God’s masterpiece beautifully put together! Be proud and live life to its fullest! Be strong, you are a woman.

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