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Drink a Glass of Wine in Moderation
to Maintain Good Health

Not long ago one of our members submitted an article on the value of drinking a glass of red wine that helped her with her stomach problems.  She detailed the breakdown of the “harmful chemicals” found in the stomach which were eliminated by the properties in a glass of red wine.


In one of my readings, I stumbled upon a similar article: to drink a glass of wine in moderation to maintain good health.  In this article it also itemizes:

1.       increases cardioprotective benefits, aids digestion;

2.      decreases food-borne pathogens and this may help with diabetic metabolize   sugars and starches. 

The writer elaborated on facts finding that “eating while drinking significantly reduces blood alcohol concentration of alcohol and is a much healthier pattern of drinking than drinking without eating”.

With that being said, the association among the healthy who drink a glass of wine and with a breakdown of what is called “moderate drinking”


The First Wine Newsletter Exclusively Devoted to Pinophiles  


The supporting article revealed that if a question is asked  “Is Wine Healthy?”  then to get a definitive answer, one will have to know the components of the mixture of what we called “wine”












See article on “wine and moderation” what’s healthy?


Updated January 10, 2022

To this end, what researchers are saying that it’s safer for a person to drink non-acholic wine. Wine with alcohol can cause liver problems.  So, after reaching what researchers are saying in this article, I concluded that if I must drink then I will do so the smart way – drink a little wine for the stomach’s sake - wine in moderation. 

February 2022

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