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What makes a powerful woman? 
A powerful woman is one who is not afraid to speak her mind whether in public or in private. She is not afraid of the truth and is open to say that she is sorry when she is wrong. A powerful woman exemplifies positive actions and has a determination to get through any difficult situation. 


What makes an amazing woman? 

Every one of us is unique, what exactly makes an amazing woman? She is one that shows quality in everything that she does. She is independent and strives to work at what she does to earn an honest living. She is loving, affectionate, and most of all, God-fearing and there's even much more to her than this!


What is the definition of an inspiring woman?  

An inspiring woman is a woman who motivates others. 

She seeks to find the good in people and allows them to act on that positive strain. An inspiring woman allows you to see the positive outcome of an event even before it happens.

Woman, God's Masterpiece

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