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Together We Rise from this Pandemic

Pandemics do not last forever; sooner or later they dissipate and the word is history. 

With that being said, our goal is to eliminate barriers that will hinder our focus and prevent us from being objectively the powerful, amazing group of Just Because Women. Together we rise to support the young, middle aged and seniors  to be positive thinkers, and to be resourceful in their community.   

The dark days of 2020 are slowly fading away, the vaccines are here and we heard of the decline in both sicknesses and deaths.  

Make no mistake, we are rising into a new world, nothing will ever be the same as before! We rise together wearing our masks and walk as cautiously but yet caring for each other. There has never been a more crucial time to stand together, united with our neighbors and community as now. 

In a world that is divided we rise together and with a purpose. 

Save the date for Saturday, July 17, 2021 and listen to dynamic speakers on “The Art of Mentoring the Young with Anxiety from a Biblical Standpoint.“

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