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St Matthew 25:14-27

The Parable of the Talents


Jesus told this parable to His disciples for them to be aware of what it is to “watch.” In it He spoke of a man preparing to go on a long journey, called his servants, shared with them his goods. He gave one five talents, another two and another one.


Time passed and the man returned and it was a joyous occasion for the servant who had received five talents, because he gained another five “Well done…” his Master replied; the one that received two talents he too was joyous and received a reward. However, the one that received the one talent did nothing with his and received no reward but a curse. The Master reprimanded him of being lazy for not doing anything with his talent.


God gave talents; according to our abilities which are opportunities for us to work with. He has given each of us time to work with them. Jesus told us that we are to work while it is day for when the night comes, then we cannot work, John 9:4. 

Therefore, it is in our best interests to know that time is of the essence and God will not ask us on His return what your church did but what you did.


So, here’s the plan regarding our talents, we have to work with our God-given abilities to enrich His kingdom. If God gives you the ability to teach, then you must teach. If He gives you the ability to reach out to others then you must do that. If he gives you the ability to preach His Word then preach the Word. Whatever He blesses you with that what’s you must do for the Master will return and you have to give an account of what you did with your talents. 


God will give a reward to those who use their abilities to do His work. The servant that received the one talent and did nothing and had no idea how much he displeased his master. He didn’t think, he didn’t work, and he didn’t even try.


May God help us to recognize our abilities and use them well.

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