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Time for Healing

The 2020 Presidential election is over and even though we are still experiencing the spikes of the pandemic in some areas, it is time for national healing.

It was reported that over 230,000 families in the United States have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. People are angry and fearful. These situations have caused divisions among the nation that have trickled down to even the child who cannot even explain his anger.

The frustrations, emotions, and bitterness towards each other seem to continue, but there comes a time when society has to stop and think that all the hurt and bitterness slowly destroys the body and the mind. The result of this: premature illness, incurable diseases, and eventually death.

Thousands have voted for a change and this action must result in a time of healing, a time when we must come together and laugh again, treat each other with respect, and embrace others! That’s a start for healing.

Let's begin with Health and Wellbeing.

December 2020

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