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Simple Ways to Relieve Stress in these Unpresented Times

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 Do you know that not everyone experience stress in the same way? We all experience some form of stress at some time.  Stress can affect you physically, or mentally and sometime both at the same time. Therefore, it’s important to manage stress and stay healthy especially at this time. I encountered stress every time I think about this pandemic, and the new variances spreading especially in Europe.    My family and friends live in England and I have not seen them for over a year and I miss them immensely. So, I have to self-manage this “demon”

Here are some ways that I manage stress:

1.      Eat right and drink a lot of water. If you have never cooked it’s time to start. Remember! You are                      what you eat. You can benefit more from the food you make because you are aware of the                                ingredients and the effects they have on the body.  

2.     Reduce your intake on sugars and caffeine to reduce high blood pressure and diabetes

3.     Feed your mind spiritually by reading God’s Word, and pray. Pay attention to the present moment                    without drifting into concerns about the past or future.

4.     Take a few minutes to do a word puzzle.  Finding words will stimulate your mind and keep you                        active and alert.

4.     Stay connected with relatives and friends and build relationships that will help strengthen you and                  relieve stress.

5.     Be supportive of others especially the elderly. You can do this by joining a support group.

6.     Visit the park and enjoy the scenery, smell the flowers, watch the waterfalls and feed the ducks.

7.     Listen to some music. It is proven that music is remedy for the soul with its soothing effect.

        In all actuality, these suggestions all depend on you!

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