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The Benefits of Water

Water is the most important drink of the day. It has proven to be a healthy way of living. The human body is made up of approximately 75% of water. The depletion of water to the body will cause all kinds of problems and eventually make you sick. It’s called dehydration! 

Research shows that severe dehydration can cause shock to the body which can be life- threatening. The body functions in such a way that it gives warning signs that you should give it water. Signs like dry mouth, sticky saliva, the urge to urinate in smaller amounts than usual, and dark yellow in color. In addition, less water to the body reduces your blood flow and allows the blood volume to drop that can trigger other effects. This will cause your other organs to work less effectively.


So, to avoid dehydration, alleviate fatigue, and avoid feeling sick, drink lots of water. The benefits are great and rewarding and you need it to survive.

Instead of an afternoon snack treat yourself to a long glass of water. If the taste doesn’t quite work with your taste buds, add a slice of lemon or cucumber. An acquired taste can be developed instantly.   

Water Body.png


  • Cleanses your liver 

  • Relieves fatigue 

  • Promotes healthy hair growth  

  • Promotes flawless skin type 

  • Helps mood swings 

  • Helps reduce headaches 

  • Aids in digestion and constipation 

  • Flushes out toxins

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