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Health and Wellbeing

Seniors' Communication Hour

Senior communication hours mean a lot to me as an individual and it gives me a deep joy as my passion is to set aside just 2-3 hours a day for at least three days per week or as needed and when possible to give much needed assistance to seniors.

Each senior’s needs are different taking into considering their flexibility, acceptance, physical mobility, and cognitive ability to social isolation due to their decline health.

There needs to be a non-judgmental attitude to their altered behavior during their advanced years.

Here are a few ways help may be given:

  • Mobility

  • Personal hygiene, which includes washing hair

  • Promote social interaction

  • Assistance to medical appointments

  • Help with shopping, whether or not they are able to go out

  • Picking up prescriptions, and so on

So, by saying all this, the seniors that I do visit always look forward to my visits.

In most cases, having seniors in the comfort of their own home environment helps to stabilize their mental status rather than being in a facility, such as a nursing home.

Juliet Spencer

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