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A Model of Friendship and Sisterhood



The book of Ruth in the Bible has provided a biblical example to us concerning friendship and sisterhood. Ruth, with a captivating voice, has left us a good example to follow which reaches far beyond just being a Christian.


The story holds many issues that women struggle with today – family, security, loss, racism, sexism, and just survival - more so, women of color.


Before she finds her place in society and added a unique imprint as ‘woman’ and sister, in Ruth 1:14 we find this Moabite widow making a choice to cling to her Israelite mother-in-law, they being of two different backgrounds. The relationship between Ruth and Naomi shared a bond as two women who could have easily chosen to become estranged after the death of her husband (Naomi’s son). Ruth was left with an uncertain future, even though she could have returned to her family, and then there was no guarantee either that her family would embrace her since she married out of her race.


Ruth chose to follow her mother-in-law even with the uncertainty of going to a foreign land she did not know and not know how she would be received. Ruth had courage and strength and so she did cling to Naomi and as a result, they were able to move beyond their given identities as wife and widow and establish different identities as partners and sojourners.


At a turning point in her life, Ruth continued a relationship that would result in great blessings for both women. By taking risks and working together, Ruth and Naomi became a model of love, trust, and loyalty.


Let us follow the example of Ruth and Naomi, build a friendship, a sisterhood wherever we go. The story of Ruth is a gift to us and a message about the value of collaboration, cooperation, friendship, love, putting others before ourselves, going beyond our race or culture, and trust between two women.

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