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In Ukraine, the Red Cross teams are working around the clock to provide emergency aid to hundreds of thousands of people facing tremendous fear and uncertainty.


International Red Cross teams are providing food and hygiene parcels to people fleeing, as well as providing first aid training for thousands of people sheltering in metro stations and bomb shelters. International Red Cross workers are helping to evacuate people with disabilities and assisting first responders to help save lives. Teams are also distributing food, water, first aid supplies, fuel for heating, medical supplies and support for housing. People impacted by the conflict are heartbroken, as they are forced to flee from their homes. In Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Lithuania and Russia, Red Cross volunteers are supporting displaced people.


The American Red Cross has deployed crisis responders to Europe to provide humanitarian relief in neighboring countries. Additionally, in line with its work supporting military families, the American Red Cross has sent trained staff to Europe to support emergency communication needs of U.S. military members, so they can stay in touch with family members back home. Red Crossers are also distributing comfort kits, containing hygiene items and other necessities to service members and U.S. State Department staff.


Report from:

Patricia Smith

JBW Committee Member

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