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Just Because Women –

outdoors again!

It was over 18 months since we last saw each other in person.  During the “lock down” we held meetings on conference calls and on zoom but seeing each was out of the question until now. And what a joy it was indeed! 

Each of us has experiences and reactions of this cursed pandemic. It took my mother out and we all prayed and wished that soon will be the end of this evil that is on the land. However, even though this pandemic has touched the lives of almost everyone, situations have slowed down and more families have come closer together in spending quality times and giving thanks to God for each other.

We met at the park and spoke positively on using the outdoors as a means of relaxation by engaging in simple exercises. To improve our diet by eating healthier foods which consist of more fruits and vegetables.  We also collaborated on extending help to the “Forgotten Children, Inc.”  We will support their mission of rescuing, restoring, educating and bringing hope to victims of human trafficking.....”    

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Our Congratulations to Miss Joan Morgan who has just received her promotion in the service of the Lord as a  "Light Brigade" (An Evangelist)

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