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July 15, 2023 was the date planned for our first “paint and sip”. This was a thought-out project and the experience was amazing.

Have you ever been in a group and tried  to look for something to do after a heavy debate, “Life in the Home?”  Well! search no further we have  found  the right thing for you. “paint and sip”. This was an event that was engaging, full of fun, a lot of laughter and very relaxing. It was time to unwind and escape from the normal routine. Perhaps there are more to describe to this event. Try it and find out!

“Paint and Sip” was an exercise held at Karen’s home. Paints of different colors along with paintbrushes were laid out.  The canvas stappled to the easels for painting were on the stand with small glasses of water for cleaning the brushes.

We were encouraged to relax and prayer was said by our President. After which lunch was served which consisted of appetizers of scrumptious delights, spicy chicken and rice, potato salads, fresh fruit bowls, wine to sip, water and fruit punch to cool the thirst.

No previous experience was necessary for this event.

Our 4-hour paint and sip exercise allow us a lot of time to get creative, while socializing. There was no need to rush the process. Time goes by so quickly when one is having fun.

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See our prize winners! 

No. 3  - (R) - Rose

No. 2  -(L)   - Pam

No. 1 - (M)  -         Dominique ! Winner!

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