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My Attitude


Attitude is considered neutral neither good or bad, but it is the inner feeling expressed in an outward behavior which will determine whether a person displays good or bad attitude. Everyone is responsible for his or her own behavior and should be held accountable for their action. Giving a pass or looking the other way will only embolden bad behavior so it is important to correct and reprove in a timely manner.


Learning about attitude has caused me to have a different outlook on people and situations. I realized that I should not be judgmental of others until I understand what triggers their emotions. There are many factors that cause one to display good or bad behaviors. Looking back I can see how some of my behaviors were encouraged and developed by my environment and why I still display some of the learnt behaviors. I concur with the statement which said whatever is learnt at an early stage of life is hard to dismiss and attitude grown on the same foundation will only get stronger.


Our success or failure depends on our attitude towards life but most importantly we should believe in ourselves and be in control. Each morning that I wake up I am appreciative of God’s goodness, not taking for granted His blessings. I am aware of my surroundings and the people with whom I come in contact. Maintaining a good attitude makes it easier to interact and giving a helping hand heightens my appreciation for life.


A positive attitude can be infectious and can help to lighten burdens. It is very heartening when someone compliments me leaving me feeling good about myself. That feeling can last all day and in turn affect my behavior positively with others. I make a conscious effort to reciprocate and bring joy to others. As human we are not perfect but let’s treat each other as we would like to be treated and make this a better place.


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