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Jesus Now, More Than Ever

Shalom members and  friends of Just Because... Women

Thank God for the opportunity to share a thought or two via this media.

What a year it has been so far! No sooner as Christians all over the World celebrated the birthday of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua HaMashiach, the International global community is fighting an invisible enemy, an uninvited guest that has no face, no physical features, and no voice, walked among us in silence, attacking indiscriminately….and yes, we as Kingdom citizens were not without losses. It took away some of our liberties, love ones, church family, jobs, and even our homes. It has taken away our social interaction and even at one point closed the doors of the very church building. The name of this guest? "Coronavirus" Guest? Yes, because like all guests. It’s not here to stay. Don’t give up hope, let us fight with all our might.


I was so touched by a clip I saw from Brazil, where a large number of individuals were in the streets on their knees, hands raised praying to God for forgiveness and asking Him to intercede. We need Jesus now more than ever. Corona has not taken God by surprise, He’s got this!


So, this is my take. During lockdown, (or as one of my nephews call it, The Pandemic Lifestyle) God has saved some of us from ourselves, from making bad decisions, going where we should not go, spending far more time in the company of people than in the presence of God. Let us use this time to get closer to God, prioritize the gift(s) God has given us in the form of family/ministry/health.


Psalm 80 v 14 says “…oh God of Hosts, look down from Heaven and visit this vine.”

In order for a vine to grow/move forward, it needs the support of a fence/wall. Without the support of The Father we cannot thrive.  Each morning when I wake up, it’s another chance given to me to get it right. I am so thankful to God for a 2nd/3rd/4th /5th etc. chance…aren’t you?


Stay blessed, help is on the way.


Humbly submitted,



Patsy Walsh

Because Jesus Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow || Prayers for Covid-19, Brazil

Because Jesus Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow || Prayers for Covid-19, Brazil

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