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2020 Year End Celebration


It's the Season

Christmas Tree 1.png

Christmas sets the hearts to singing, let the joy bells ring;

It is hope and gladness bringing, let the joy bells ring;

Let joy bells ring! Let joy bells ring!

Christmas sets the hearts to singing let the joy bells ring!

So, it’s that time of the year again!

Our Just Because Women had our “close-out” for the year 2020 on Saturday, November 21. We celebrated virtually on Zoom. It was a bitter sweet celebration but we were so very glad that the Good Lord has kept us together under the umbrella of the Holy Spirit!  The world has become dark, the sun shines but the world is still dark, yet with all the pitfalls that we are experiencing during this pandemic, God has blessed us with two more beautiful ladies added to this group.

We are joyful and hopeful for this Christmas season! 

With that being said, we take the opportunity of wishing every one who visited and embraced our website!


Merry Christmas!

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