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On the morning of January 1, 2021 at the crack of dawn the sun came out of its chamber, slowly climbed over the horizon and removed all the dew drops and chilly spells from 2020. 

Here in Los Angeles, the air is clean, fresh and there is sunshine everywhere! We have crossed over into this New Year not of our own strength! Christians alike believe that it is God’s grace and mercies. 

It’s a joyous feeling to believe that this New Year will be a good year! In my daily reading, the writer chose his text from St. Mark 1:4 where he spoke of John the Baptist preaching repentance in the wilderness. He elaborated that only through this route that people come to God and they experience the blessings of having their sins forgiven. The people gathered the wilderness to hear John and then acknowledged their guilt. God meets people where they are: i.e., at the point of guilt, cleanses them, and forgives them. John demonstrated this by water baptism.

Today, there is a greater baptism, which is the power of the Holy Spirit! God gives His Spirit to those who believe on His Word. Having the Spirit of God is a tremendous blessing. He helps in your daily lives with unexplainable comfort and joy. Just come to Christ as you are!

If you have never repented, I recommend you do so and experience your load lifted in the quietness of your own heart, then ask God to send you the Holy Sprit in your heart and God will.

Now, repeat this prayer from your heart, Lord, thank you that you promise to meet me in the place of repentance. I come to you now on that basis. Amen

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