50th Holy Convocation Greetings 2018

It’s a great honor to send this year's convention greetings to Bishop Herbert Cato, England Overseer and to all officers, members and friends to this your 50th Holy Convocation. A 50 year milestone has been reached that speaks of God's goodness and how He has proven Himself to be faithful.

The "Good News" of the Gospel is spreading its flames to other countries of the world. Throughout the 50 years, several mission fields have been launched in London and other parts of England. There have been multiple ordained ministers put in place. Countless souls have been saved for God’s kingdom, numerous deliverance and miracles have occurred and many marriages and christening. Sadly, some of our veterans have also gone home to rest but have left their trails behind; they were men who could not be bought and women who were beyond purchase. To name some:


The Late Rev Joseph Royal, Jamaica & UK City Mission

Rev. Sullivan, Manchester City Mission

Rev. Facy, Birmingham City Mission 

LB M Lewis & Deason Lewis, Brixton City Mission

Rev. S. Bennett, London City Mission,  

Sis Myretta Walsh

LB and Deacon Finnegan, London City Mission

LB Baker, Bruce Grove, City Mission

and the list goes on. Their memories are great blessings in helping us on our journey.

At this juncture the faithfulness of God continues as we continue to trust Him to lead us on.  Your theme "Divine Ownership" relating Scripture: Romans 14 Key verse 8 where the Apostle Paul admonishes the Romans by presenting the case of the Gospel like a skilled lawyer clearly and forthrightly giving us a deeper understanding of the objectives in dealing with the strong/weak believers in Christ.  The Apostle admonishes the Christians as he continues to build an airtight case for the loss souls of humanity and the necessity of God's intervention (1:18-3:20) Paul has not yet been to Rome but has developed a strong love for the church.

 There is an underlying truth that freedom must be guided by love as we build each other up in the faith being sensitive and helpful to those who are weak.

“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence” Author unknown. You have exercised persistence in preaching this Gospel through cold, wind, rain and snow. May God continue to bless you.


Have a Spirit filled convention! Looking forward to being present with you!                                                                                                                       

Humbly submitted

Rev Winsome Edwards