Can you believe that is has nearly been a year since the battle against this pandemic? Needless to say, our lives have been changed and so far and so many of the world’s population has experienced a great loss!  We can narrow this down and say that we have dealt with personal loss. 

Now we are faced with great news of the vaccine, and with that roll out of great expectation, we have challenges.   

The Vaccine Challenge
The Food and Drug Administration has authorized two vaccines and anticipates authorization of more in the coming weeks. The is in hope to end the long standing of this pandemic. According to research it will take months before vaccine supply reaches most US residents. Why? The demand is greater than the supply. 

Frustrations and Inconvenience 
Let us be patient and think good thoughts towards each other and treat each other with dignity and respect. Let us not just think of ourselves but our fellowmen/women and wear our masks as part of our new dress code. Share a smile, because even behind the mask it can be seen in the eyes. It goes a long way!

How to get your first and second vaccine in LA County.

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