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Close-Out Celebration 2023

It is to God we give the praise, It is to God we give the glory

For You have done so much for us,

It is you Holy Father and we will bless your Name, Bless your Name forevermore.


The close out for this group was a time to reflect and give thanks to God and for each other.  This year’s celebration was held at Ms Pauline’s home, Realto. As usual our Vise President, Ms Karen Barrett did her very best in arranging the décor and the setting which was breath taking. 


Our first agenda item was to give thanks to God for His continual guidance and care. Then we reflected on how God’s love has been keeping us together even though we have lost a few of our members but God is still blessing us and we have new members coming on board.


As we reflected on the year’s activities, we are glad for the opportunity to minister to the homeless in serving in the kitchen food program and also in the donation of clothing at the Union Rescue Mission. We had a day at the park filled with fun i.e. sports and games. We recognized two of our talented ladies who wrote two books.

“The Beauty Law It’s a Yumi Day by Ms Patricia Smith and “Following Jesus the Believer’s Path to Truth” by Ms Karen Williams. See website for details. Our “paint and sip” exercise is one that will not be easily forgotten. It was a lot of fun and everyone eagerly participated in showing off their talents in this exercise. We plan to engage in this activity in the coming year. See website also for details. We also engaged in a stimulating discussion on “Life in the home”. The feedback was satisfying, people were relieved and had a sense of contentment.


As we continued with the close out, we had birthday celebration, gift exchange, singing of Christmas carols, scrumptious food which resulted in laughter and lots of fun.


When you read this, we are encouraging you to come and join us!  See information on how to join on our website.

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