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Prayer, by the late Dr. Miles Monroe
Bahamas Faith International Ministries

Fasting is a conscious international decision to abstain for a time from the pleasure of eating in order to gain vital spiritual benefits.

All the greatest men and women in the Bible fasted, Moses, David, Nehemiah Jeremiah Daniel Anna Paul Peter, and even Jesus himself fasted.

Dr Monroe said that fasting is one of the pillars of the Christian faith. And that it is mentioned one-third in Scripture as much as prayer, yet most believers put fasting in the background of their experience as believers. He set out some guidelines to help the believers understand what fasting is and why God says we must fast. 

1.   In the same way that we practice reading the Bible and prayer, we should also practice the habit of fasting;

2.   Fasting is a time set apart to seek the face of God.  It means abstaining from other things that you find pleasure in for the purpose of giving your heart to God in prayer

3.    Fasting means putting God first, focusing all your attention on Him alone - not on His blessings, but on God Himself.  It shows how much your love and appreciates Him

4.    It is a time to foster a sensitive environment for the working of prayer. It is done by enabling us to see the fulfillment of God's Word and purposes for us as individuals and as the body of Christ.   Often times when the enemy was challenging the people of God, the Israelites would commit themselves to several days of fasting.  They would say, in effect, "We will fast until the Lord tells us what to do."

5.   Fasting is a form of intercession for others Dr. Monroe said that fasting goes beyond just prayer. 

Fasting takes prayer into a completely different realm.

Dr. Monroe added that we need to understand the value and significance of emptying ourselves of food and filling ourselves with God.  Fasting enables us to increase our spiritual capacity. It exerts discipline over our physical appetites.  It brings the body under subjection to what the Spirit desires.  Most of the time our bodies control us.  When we fast, our spirit increases its control over our bodies.

Fasting allows us to receive guidance, wisdom, instructions, and knowledge from God. There are many key points on fasting and I have just touched on just a few.  As Dr. Monroe said again, that sometimes prayer alone is not enough to accomplish God's purposes. Jesus at one point explained to His disciples that certain things only come through prayer and fasting (see Matt. 17:21).

God richly bless you as we put into practice the art of fasting and prayer.

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A reader wrote that this is one of the most heart-warming inspirational books that he has read; I couldn't agree more.

This book has left me desiring for more of God's love and to have a more increased faith in Him. Without hesitation, I am prompted to write this review of the provocative story that gives of it literary quality that made a distinction of the characters contributed to the Triune God.

Indeed the title, "The Shack" had attempted to lay down the graciousness of God in simple ways so that the reader is invited to approach a Holy God without bounds.  With that said, one would have no reservation to classifying it as a present day book. It deals with reality.

The writer allowed the reader to delve into the book in such a way that if you are a believer, highlighted parts that awakens your spirit and quickly encouraged your soul. It opens the door for the non believer to keep on reading and before you reach the end of the story you are prone to make a decision.

There is a phrase on one of the pages that jarred my attention, and shot up a spark "emotions seemed so near the surface, and even the least bit of kindness seemed to poke holes in his reserve".  This is what happens when love and kindness mixed together and is poured into an unexpected heart.

Great book to read and see the result of the woven fabrics intertwined to form a beautiful outcome!

Good reading!

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Everyone wants to live a better life regardless of our financial status. With that said, glancing on the bookshelf and reading the title "Think Better Live Better" grabbed my attention.  Curious to know the "how" I opened the book looked at the contents and immediately purchased the book.  

Did you know that our minds functions like a computer? Never thought of it this way! That God put the right software in us to live an abundant, victorious life. We just have to be careful not to clog it up with computer viruses, that will contaminate the software. We must speak to our minds positive speech and this will eliminate negative viruses. We must say that we are "strong, blessed, valuable" and can do all things through Christ that strengthens us (Philippians 4:13), we must never see ourselves as nothing less. Guard your computer against negative comments because we have control over our minds. Just like a computer, hit the delete button, in that way we are rejecting the viruses. For whatever you allow to enter our mind will grow and take root and before long we lost control of the software. The battle takes place in the mind.

This book tells us what we can and cannot become. Allow mistakes to be treated as experiences which will make us stronger to climb the next set of stairs.  People will try to label us but God already labeled us strong, talented, and valuable and we will become what God labeled us to be. God never gives up on us so we must not give up on ourselves.

Rahab a former prostitute is named in the family line of our Lord Jesus Christ.  People labeled her as an outcast, failure, not usable, but God labeled her as chosen, restored, and valuable.

It's time for us to come out of our cocoon and sore like the butterfly. You will go places where you have never gone before. Believe that we have been destined to leave our mark on this generation. God sees the eagle in us.

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