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Are you in Debt? Here’s a Way to pay

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Who doesn’t want to know ways to pay their debts? 

The monthly magazine came to hand, flipping through the pages I came across the article “How to pay off your debt”. After reading through the article, I thought it would be a good idea to jot down a few pointers and share with our readers.

Debts can occur without the knowledge of the individual. One example, A spouse many not have withheld enough taxes from his or her own income. There are examples that can cause financial burden.  Financial advisers suggest that you can file financial bankruptcy or make a settlement offer to the creditor with the hope that they might find grace to accept this arrangement.

                               Owner of the Debt

As the owner of the debt, you are responsible and you are obligated to take ownership of it. So, as a believer of the Word of God, there are passages in the Bible that help to strengthen one’s faith. An example is 2nd Kings chapter 4 that speaks of the prophet and the widow. This woman, the widowed wife of one of the sons of the prophets, had debts and had no means to pay them. The legal system in Israel would not allow her to declare bankruptcy; she had to give her son as an indentured servant to her creditor as payment for the debts.

 Elisha encouraged this woman to commit herself in faith to God’s provision. He told her to borrow vessels from friends and neighbors and to pour from her small supply from oil that she had. As the obeyed and poured the vessels were filled and she was able to sell and pay all her debts.

The result is; through her belief and her faith, God came through for her in ways that overwhelmed her.  

See, her faith plays a big part in paying off her debt. It is said that too many people measure the size of their debts and are overwhelmed that could be a reason for being in debt.

                      Have Faith and Believe God

In this story of the prophet and the widow, God not only got her out of her situation but He blessed her with resources to live. The prophet instructed her to use the oil to pay off her debt and then to live on the remainder. She now had the means to free herself from the financial obligation from her husband's creditors, allowing her sons to maintain their freedom.

                                Lessons learned


1.  This poor widow woman became a distribution channel for the Kingdom of God with            just one small jar of oil.

2.   Worship and trust God who can do more for you than anyone. This widow only had            one small jar of olive oil. Yet, she was instructed to POUR IT OUT.

3.   Don't be tempted to hold on to something because you can't see where the next supply          will come from. God's math is different and He will multiply your seed if you trust                Him. 

4.   She did not depend on just her own supply. She sought her neighbors and friends'                resources.

 5.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need help.                                    

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